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We maintain an integrated system of debtor contact and account management for commercial,consumer, healthcare and public sector debts, including:

A time-proven series of mail programs designed for earliest possible collection and highest possible dollar return to you.

Phone Calls & E-mails
Our specialized staff with decades of experience add a vital "personal touch" for maximum effectiveness and sensitivity. Our goal is to get your debts paid while keeping your debtors as ongoing accounts for your business.

Healthcare/Insurance Billing & Insurance Follow-up.
Trans-Continental's extensive experience with healthcare receivables has afforded us the ability to deal effectively with insurance-related debts. We also are capable of performing electronic billing of insurance charges during the collection process.

Debtor Evaluation and Classification.
Trans-Continental's expert account managers and legal staff identify and individually manage "professional" and "hardship" debtors for appropriate action.

Debtor Payment Options.
Trans-Continental obtains payments in a timely and efficient manner due in part to your customers being able to pay their debts via check, money-order, credit card or online.

Special Projects.
From time to time our clients have the need for special letters to be developed. An example of this would be an audit letter to retrieve lost information from an internal system problem. Trans-Continental can design any type of special letter campaign and call services for that specific account need.

Seminars and Consulting on Receivables.
Trans-Continental's expert staff is available on a consulting basis to perform seminars or consult creditors of all types. We will provide training to your receivables department, including question/answer sessions and consultation to the creditor in need. These seminars are custom designed to each client's unique situation.

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